Holly Hugo-Vidal

Independent and Effective Aids Start With a Strong Position

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

Holly Hugo-Vidal offers tips to help riders use their aids properly through balance and coordination.

The Geometry of Rider Angles

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

Communicate more effectively with your horse by focusing on the four major angles in your riding position.

Holly Hugo-Vidal: Tips for Boosting Your Score in Your Hunter Round

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

Hunter/jumper trainer and judge Holly Hugo-Vidal offers some ideas to help increase the score of your hunter round.

Correct Way = Safe Way

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

Lessen the odds of an avoidable accident by making sure you’re using tried-and-true strategies for handling your horse.

Does the Punishment Suit the Crime?

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

To correct your horse's disobedience, you first need to understand why it happened.

Fix Flying Change Problems

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

This top trainer's six-step program helps you keep your horse relaxed when you ask for a flying change. By Holly Hugo-Vidal for Practical Horseman magazine.

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