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Hunter: Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

by Practically Speaking

Forget New Year's resolutions, I never keep them anyway. This year I've decided just to be more thankful for the things in my life. Like the one who turned 30 today, January 1.

Traci: Derby Night

by Practically Speaking

Steph and I making a brief appearance at the party before the Derby started I just finished proofreading our upcoming November article on the USHJA Hunter Derby Finals and it reminded me of the night

Stacey: There's a New Mouser in Town

by Practically Speaking

My dog Barney is the ultimate barn dog. He loves going out with me, doing a happy wiggle when he sees me pulling on my breeches. He hangs out in the arena while I ride and dances with excitement when I head out the back gate to go on a trail ride.

Sandy: Who's the Boss?

by Practically Speaking

Practical Horseman editor Sandy Oliynyk gently reminds her horse, Merlot, that she's the boss.

Stacey: Timing Is Everything

by Practically Speaking

I often read comments in online forums that it seems like the editors at Practical Horseman are oracles when it comes to the stories we publish. For example, a reader discovers her leg is sliding back over fences and, BAM!, we just happen to have an exercise on how to fix it in the next issue. Darn, we're good!

Sandy: Trailer Wasp Woes

by Practically Speaking

Practical Horseman Editor Sandy Oliynyk takes on several wasp's nests that have taken over her horse trailer.

Stacey: Keeping Our Cool

by Practically Speaking

It's hot here in Maryland. And given the amount of red covering the US weather map, there's a good chance it's hot wherever you are, too. (Oh, to be in the Pacific Northwest right now!)

Traci: On the Bench Blues

by Practically Speaking

Most of my free time revolves around my two passions: riding and running.? I've always been passionate about horses. Even as a 13-year-old, getting up at 6 am in the middle of a Cleveland winter to feed

Sandy: A Task or Perk?

by Practically Speaking

Practical Horseman Editor Sandy Oliynyk finds that a short daily visit to see her horse and ensure he's eating his supplements is the perfect way to start the day.

Stacey: Finding My Confidence

by Practically Speaking

I'm a chicken when it comes to jumping. I sprout feathers when fences are set at a height where the horse actually has to jump. I've always had fear?even back in my Junior days when I regularly jumped 4 feet-plus without stirrups. It's not the jumping that's the issue; it's the fear of falling off and the anticipated pain of hitting the ground that is my Waterloo.

Sandy: Story-Review Sagas

by Practically Speaking

Editor Sandy Oliynyk shares how?and where?Practical Horseman articles are reviewed by trainers and riders before being published.

Traci: Corolla's Wild Horses

by Practically Speaking

I was in the Outer Banks (Corolla, North Carolina) last week for some R&R with my family. Being there with my horse-crazy 7-year-old niece, Mia, meant there was no way we'd escape the highly commercialized "Wild Horse Tour" that was advertised everywhere. I gulped at the $50 per person charge but knew that, as her equally horse-crazy aunt, my presence was pretty much mandatory.

Hunter: A New Fitness Craze?

by Practically Speaking

Seems like CrossFit is the big thing in fitness these days. According to Wikipedia, "CrossFit athletes run, row, jump rope, climb rope and carry odd objects." I think us horsepeople have our own version: FarmFit.

Sandy: Horse Chores

by Practically Speaking

Practical Horseman Editor Sandy Oliynyk stops procrastinating and tackles washing her horse's winter blanket and sheet.

Hunter Messineo: My Favorite Show

by Practically Speaking

Saratoga Springs, New York, in the summer is a great place for a horse show. In fact, the Saratoga Classic is one of my favorites. While I may be horseless, it's still fun to watch great horses, do a little shopping and spend the weekend with good friends.

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