Jim Wofford

Jim Wofford: Gymnastic Exercise

by Jim Wofford

Improve your horse’s rhythm, balance and independence over a bounce gymnastic.

Jim Wofford: Our Sport Changes; Horses Do Not

by Jim Wofford

Jim has had the time and opportunity to observe what has shifted in our sport—and what remains constant.

Cross Country with Jim Wofford: Some Tips for Trainers

by Jim Wofford

Jim shares insights from his decades as a trainer and coach.

Jim Wofford's Rolex 2016 Report: Déjà Vu For Two Top Riders

by Jim Wofford

Michael Jung and Lauren Kieffer left no room at the top for a leaderboard of promising up-and-comers.

Jim Wofford: The Future of Horse Sports in the Olympics

by Jim Wofford

There are upsides to the possibility that eventing could soon lose its Olympic status.

Jim Wofford: The History of Transporting Horses

by Jim Wofford

Horses have been transporting humans for millennia. We have learned to transport them much more recently.

Jim Wofford: Anticipating Consequences of Changing the Sport of Eventing

by Jim Wofford

This column is adapted from remarks that Jim recently addressed to the 2016 International Eventing Forum in Gloucestershire, England.

Jim Wofford: Gymnastics Can Benefit Every Horse

by Jim Wofford

Because gymnastics tie in to the Training Scale, they can be helpful to many different types of horses.

Overcoming Speed Bumps In Your Riding

by Jim Wofford

Top trainer Jim Wofford offers some helpful hints to help you get back on the right track with your riding.

The Evolution of the Lower-Leg Position

by Jim Wofford

Jim Wofford explains how the classic lower-leg position and the way we ride over fences have evolved from something quite different.

Jim Wofford: Change the Rules—And Change the Sport

by Jim Wofford

Jim voices his concerns about rule changes in eventing.

Cross Country with Jim Wofford: A Touch of Blarney

by Jim Wofford

For Jim Wofford, judging the Dublin Horse Show is a window to the past and the future.

Jim Wofford's History of Eventing: From Completion To Competition

by Jim Wofford

Jim Wofford's analysis of eventing’s century of evolution shows a shift of emphasis.

Tack Choices Can Affect Your Horse's Performance and Attitude

by Jim Wofford

When it comes to matching the right tack to different horses, says Jim Wofford, there is no one-type-suits-all.

Jim Wofford: 2015 Rolex Kentucky Scoreboard Tells The Tale

by Jim Wofford

Jim Wofford weighs in on the 2015 Rolex Kentucky CCI****.

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