Elaine Pascoe

Eventers Fund Research

by elaine pascoe

In 2014, the USEA will assess $1 per starter in every USEA-sponsored competition to fund equine medical research, targeting projects that will benefit sporthorses.

Testing for Equine Cushing’s Disease

by Elaine Pascoe

New diagnostic guidelines may help find equine Cushing's Disease in its early stages, when signs are mild.

Identify and Treat Equine Sacroiliac Problems

by Elaine Pascoe

Soreness in your horse's sacroiliac area is a pain in the croup.

The Lowdown on Lyme Disease in Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

Reports of Lyme disease in horses are on the rise. Here's what you need to know.


by Elaine Pascoe

Research has uncovered answers as to the formation of these rocklike objects in some horse intestines and is helping owners prevent them.

Barn Fire!

by Elaine Pascoe

Find out how you can protect your horses, whether you're a barn owner or boarder.

Health Update: Weather Changes Affecting Horse Health, Hay Supply

by Elaine Pascoe

A mild winter with little snow and a warm, early spring may have some unwanted effects on horse health and hay prices.

Alternative Therapies for Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

Learn what treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, rolfing, herbal remedies and homeopathy can and can't do for your horse.

Quarter Horse Genome Decoded

by Elaine Pascoe

Sugar, a descendent of key Quarter Horse foundation sires, was used to sequence the first genome of her breed. What genetic variations make each breed of horse unique? What roles do those variations play

Is Your Horse at Risk for EHV-1? Dealing with Disease Outbreak

by Elaine Pascoe

Learn how to assess and reduce the risks your horse faces from contagious viruses, bacteria and other organisms.

Natural Foot Model: Not Perfect?

by Elaine Pascoe

An Australian study recommends that the hoof used as the model of health for natural hoofcare should be reconsidered.

Combining NSAIDs in Horses: Two Isn't Better Than One

by Elaine Pascoe

A study shows that stacking two anti-inflammatories is no more effective at easing lameness in horses than giving just one NSAID.

Understand the USEF Equine Drug Testing Rules

by Elaine Pascoe

If you compete in rated shows, here's what you need to know to keep your horse healthy and maintain a level playing field.

New Process Reclaims Wood Shavings from Used Horse Bedding

by Elaine Pascoe

A revolutionary process allows wood shavings from horse bedding to be reused.

Cushing's Disease Medication Gains Approval for Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

A new FDA-approved medication to treat Cushing's disease (PPID) in horses is now available.

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