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Ever wondered why your horse exhibits certain quirky behavioral traits or odd habits? Understand some of the reasons why your horse behaves the way he does in this collection of articles on horse behavior.

Tight Nosebands May Cause Stress

by Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Studies have shown that too-tight nosebands on bridles can cause stress and other health problems for your horse.

Stressed in the Stall

by Elaine Pascoe

Solo stabling can stress a horse.

Learning Theory Training Tools for Positive Horse Behavior

by Emily Weiss, PhD, CAAB

Develop better communication?and have more fun?with your horse by applying learning theory.

Mare Play Behavior

by Sue McDonnell

An animal behaviorist answers a reader's question on why mares don't play as much as other horses.

A New Career for Ex-Grand Prix Show Jumper Glasgow

by Nancy Jaffer

A former grand-prix champion has enjoyed many years in lower-level competition, thanks in part to meticulous attention to his care.

Horse Rehabilitation Tips

by Lucinda Dyer

Experts and riders share their best treatments to get a horse back to work in this excerpt of Chapter 5 from the book Back to Work.

Help! My Horse Chews On The Bit

A reader says her horse chews on bit constantly. Find out several ways to fix bit chewing this from top hunter rider Liza Boyd.

Managing Mares In Heat

by Elaine Pascoe

Influence your mare's cycle for performance-related reasons or for horse breeding.

Low-Stress Foal Weaning

by Elizabeth Iliff Prax

Build your foal's confidence to ease separation from mom during foal weaning.

Oops! My Horse Stumbles!

by Elaine Pascoe

Stumbling in horses is serious business. Here's advice from a veterinarian and a trainer on dealing with this dangerous problem.

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