A difficult course set the U.S. riders a challenge at the FEI Jumping World Cup Final

Blogger Susan Artes, who missed the final when her horse, Zamiro, got injured, was impressed by the route in the Thomas & Mack Center

By Susan Artes

Blogger Susan Artes with Vinton Karrasch, who replaced her in the final after her horse was hurt and she had to withdraw
What a night for the Americans on our home turf!

Last evening's course appeared daunting; even the German team coach, with who I talked, thought it would prove very difficult, more so than in years past.

One needed a bit of luck in addition to the right plan to survive the last line going into the triple combination. It walked in five and a half strides, so one had to choose whether five or six strides would be best for their horse.

I would have preferred five for Zamiro, but regardless of the number, it had to be executed flawlessly.

I joined the rest of the house tonight standing up in recognition of Flexible and Rich Fellers' clear trip in the first round. It was the sort of thing we all dream of.