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Common Problems

Common Problems

Common Problems

Are you trying to sort out a problem with your horse and need some advice from a professional? Browse through our “Common Problems” section for, and you might get some helpful tips on how to deal with your issue, whether it’s a riding, behavior or health problem your horse is having.

Tonya Johnston: Inside Your Ride

by Tonya Johnston MA

Our favorite equestrian mental skills coach Tonya Johnston shares way to help direct your focus and effort in the saddle. You'll also find out top show jumper Rich Fellers' tips to stay relaxed and in control during any situation.

How do I keep him still in the lineup?

by Jamie Mann

Problems such as a horse not wanting to stand still in the lineup at the end of a hack class can’t be solved with just one movement or one rein; they require diligence and a better overall awareness of how well you and your horse are communicating.

Confident Cross-Country Water Jumps

by Mike Huber

Part 1: Make your horse’s initial education fun and positive to create a solid foundation for life.

Mental Skills Coach Tonya Johnston: Inside Your Ride with Phillip Dutton

by Tonya Johnston MA

Sports psychologist Tonya Johnston shares some practical tools for increasing your mindfulness during a ride after catching up with eventer Phillip Dutton.

How do I get my high-headed hunter to be rounder?

by Jamie Mann

Top trainer Jamie Mann shares tips on how to create a nice frame in the hunter ring.

How do I practice jog-ups?

Selena O'Hanlon, an Olympic event rider, offers tips to teach your horse to jog in-hand safely and correctly.

How do I sit the trot without bouncing?

A top dressage trainer offers helpful tips on mastering the sitting trot.

Overcoming Speed Bumps In Your Riding

by Jim Wofford

Top trainer Jim Wofford offers some helpful hints to help you get back on the right track with your riding.

How do I teach my horse to bend?

by Jordan Linstedt

A trainer offers advice on how you can make your horse more supple.     JORDAN LINSTEDT  A: To bend...

How do I pull my horse’s mane?

by Liv Gude

Top equine groom Liv Gude shares her tips for pulling a horse's mane.

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