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Dressage requires precision, suppleness, smoothness, submission and a harmony between horse and rider. If you’re looking for ways to learn more about dressage or want to increase your own knowledge and training, then check out some of our articles from top professionals.

Bruno Greber: Building Communication Lines

by Abby Carter

A Swiss Riding Master shows how classical dressage techniques improve hunter/jumper training.

Laura Graves: How to Create a Self-Going Horse

by Laura Graves

Unlock your horse’s dressage potential with this rising international star’s key to success.

Video: Ride the Trot Lengthening

If you're like many First Level dressage riders, trot lengthenings may seem to be a matter of talent--some horses lengthen more naturally and easily than others--or luck, as in the "unlucky" break to...

Develop Your Athlete With Dressage

by Sue Weakley

Part 1: Olympian Christine Traurig preaches the principles of flatwork at the 2016 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session.

Book Exerpt: Gymnastic Exercise: Shoulder-In

by Leslie Webb

In an excerpt from her book, "Build A Better Athlete!," Leslie Webb offers a clear introduction to the first of the lateral movements.

How do I teach my horse to bend?

by Jordan Linstedt

A trainer offers advice on how you can make your horse more supple.     JORDAN LINSTEDT  A: To bend...

Teach Your Horse Trot Lengthenings

by Bruno Greber

Two methods for teaching your horse to lengthen his trot stride without breaking into canter

Here's How

by Laura Vandervliet

I constantly go off course in my dressage and jumping tests at events. How do I stay focused?

A German Olympian Makes Dressage Fun and Easy for Your Horse

by Helen Langehanenberg

German Olympian Helen Langehanenberg shares stories of her equine partners to illustrate how the same basic training techniques help horses with different temperaments and body types excel.

A Dressage Scribe Shares her Learning Experience

by Rachel K. Hanzak

Scribing for a dressage judge at a show can be both fun and informative.

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