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Good equitation is the basis for nearly all the English disciplines. If you’re looking for some ways to help solidify your own equitation, this is the place for you. Browse through some of our training articles specifically about equitation, and learn how you can boost your skills in the saddle.

Bernie Traurig: Keep At It Until You're An Artist

by Tricia Conahan

The need to “practice, practice, practice” the American forward riding system is the message from Bernie Traurig’s recent workshop.

How do I keep him still in the lineup?

by Jamie Mann

Problems such as a horse not wanting to stand still in the lineup at the end of a hack class can’t be solved with just one movement or one rein; they require diligence and a better overall awareness of how well you and your horse are communicating.

Develop Your Athlete With Dressage

by Sue Weakley

Part 1: Olympian Christine Traurig preaches the principles of flatwork at the 2016 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session.

Build Your Jumping Skills with Anne Kursinski

by Anne Kursinski

In this excerpt from Anne Kursinkski's book Riding & Jumping Clinic, she teaches us how to ride a line of jumps two ways in order to hone your eye and establish the correct pace and track.

How can I uncurl my ankle and get my heel down?

by Tina Davey

Learn how to strengthen your leg, keep your heel down and prevent a curled ankle when you're riding. Q:...

Melanie Smith Taylor: Schooling Over Fences

by Melanie Smith Taylor

This Olympic gold medalist shares her system to help your horse move in balance before and after a fence and jump in correct form.

The Geometry of Rider Angles

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

Communicate more effectively with your horse by focusing on the four major angles in your riding position.

Olympian Peter Wylde Weighs In on the Relevance of Equitation

by Peter Wylde

Pointing to the success of up-and-coming rider Kelli Cruciotti, Peter Wylde analyzes the benefits of the equitation divisions when making the transition to the jumper ring.

Holly Hugo-Vidal: Tips for Boosting Your Score in Your Hunter Round

by Holly Hugo-Vidal

Hunter/jumper trainer and judge Holly Hugo-Vidal offers some ideas to help increase the score of your hunter round.

Anne Kursinski Shares Training Methods with 2015 Contest Winners

by Kim F. Miller

Communicating with your horse was Anne Kursinski's two-time Olympic silver medalist’s main message for a contest winner and her nine friends.

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