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Do you love the precision of dressage? What about the thrill of galloping on a cross-country course? And how about the technicality and power of show jumping? Then you probably enjoy eventing! Check out our wide selection of training articles from leading professional eventers to help boost you and your horse’s skills at your next event.

An Unlikely Partnership

by Jenni Autry

Eventer Maya Black and her feisty, quirky 15.2-hand partner, Doesn’t Play Fair, take the eventing world by storm.

Jim Wofford: The Future of Horse Sports in the Olympics

by Jim Wofford

There are upsides to the possibility that eventing could soon lose its Olympic status.

Lauren Kieffer: Never Give Up

by Jenni Autry

Hard work, luck and lots of support helped this native Midwestern eventer rise to the top.

Confident Cross-Country Water Jumps

by Mike Huber

Part 1: Make your horse’s initial education fun and positive to create a solid foundation for life.

A Return to Eventing— On a Pura Raza Española

by Cindy Ramirez-Smith

A rider's return to eventing on a rare Spanish breed culminates in a successful trip to the national championships.

Jim Wofford: Anticipating Consequences of Changing the Sport of Eventing

by Jim Wofford

This column is adapted from remarks that Jim recently addressed to the 2016 International Eventing Forum in Gloucestershire, England.

Finding Rhythm, Balance and Control

by Leslie Threlkeld

Riders at a clinic with Great Britain’s four-star eventer Francis Whittington work on getting their horses to think for themselves.

Jim Wofford: Gymnastics Can Benefit Every Horse

by Jim Wofford

Because gymnastics tie in to the Training Scale, they can be helpful to many different types of horses.

Webinar: Gymnastics To Solve Common Jumping Problems

by Jim Wofford

This free webinar with eventing legend Jim Wofford and upper-level rider Sharon White will teach you exercises to solve the most common (and frustrating) jumping problems. From run-outs and drifting...

Out of the Archives: Jack Le Goff Critiques U.S. Riders at the 1978 World Championships

by Jack Le Goff

The U.S. Three-Day Team coach explains the plan of attack and what happened at major obstacles in the heat of competition.

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