Behind-the-Scenes at Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Washington

  • A handsome grey surveys the busy underground scene at the Washington International Horse Show. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • Every little detail counts, even polishing the bottom of your boots before entering the show ring. George Morris would approve! Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • German rider David Will removes the hind boots of Cento du Rouet after his round. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • Horses and high rises....seen just once a year in the nation's capital. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • Jessica Springsteen gives a warm welcome to her Tiger Lily. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • Kent Farrington's Creedence is on high alert at the in-gate before his round. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • Lauren Tisbo's stallion Mr. Visto creates quite a buzz with his unique bridle-less ensemble for their jumping rounds. Amy K. Dragoo photo.

  • Riders waiting anxiously behind the curtain as they watch their fellow competitors. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • A horse heads up the walkway from the underground to the outside stabling. Amy K. Dragoo photo.

  • Heads up! Horses on the move in D.C. Amy K. Dragoo photo.

  • Lauren Hough and her talented 15.2-hand Swedish Warmblood mare Ohlala were victorious in Thursday's $35,000 Welcome Stake. Amy K. Dragoo photo.

  • VDL Wizard enjoys a well-earned treat immediately following his round with Callan Solem. Amy K. Dragoo photo

  • Georgia Bloomberg studies the course carefully before her round. Amy K. Dragoo photo

Calendar of Events

Eastern League
• July 27–31—Bromont
• Sept. 14–18—New York
• Oct. 25–30—Washington
• Nov. 1–6—Lexington
• Nov. 7–12—Toronto
• Feb. 1–5, 2017—Wellington
• March 8–12—Ocala

Western League
• Aug. 24–28—Langley
• Oct. 5–10—Sacramento
• Oct. 19–23—Del Mar
• Oct. 25–29—Calgary
• Nov. 15–20—Las Vegas,
• Jan. 25–28, 2017—Guadalajara
• Feb. 7–12—Thermal

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