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Are you seeking for best practices and fresh grooming tips and solutions? Get your horse looking his best with how-to insight from our experts.

How do I get rid of rain rot?

A veterinarian explains how to prevent and treat rain rot, common equine bacterial skin disease

Is Sheath Cleaning Necessary?

by Elaine Pascoe

Can you skip the dirty job of sheath cleaning?

How can I trim my horse's sensitive ear?

by Julia Seltz

Hunter/jumper trainer Julia Seltz explains how to gain a horse's trust and get him accustomed to having his ears clipped.

Standing Wrap How-To

by Tricia Booker

Learn to apply a standing wrap, the most basic bandage that offers support and promotes circulation in your horse’s leg.

Apply a Tail Extension

Learn how to securely add a toupee to pump up the volume of your horse's tail.

How do I ?select and use a cooler for my horse?

A professional groom discusses how to properly choose and use a horse cooler to dry your horse and keep him warm.

Horse-Selling Strategies in a Buyer's Market

by Molly Sorge

Horse-sales specialist and rider Courtney Cooper explains how to promote your horse for sale in a buyer's market.

Horse Clipper Care

Keep your horse clippers working their best by taking care of them before, during and after clipping a horse.

Up and Over: Stop Horse Rears and Backward Falls

by Midge Leitch VMD

What should you do if your horse rears and flips over backward?and how can you prevent it?

<I>Practical Horseman's</I> 2011 MEGA Tack & Apparel Guide

by Kim F. Miller

Check out the newest tack and apparel products, including saddles, therapeutic pads, clippers & trimmers, tall boots, show breeches, safety vests and helmets.

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