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Hoof Care

Hoof Care

Hoof Care

Learn more about common hoof problems and hoof-care procedures to ensure your horse has healthy, strong hooves for long-term soundness.

Fighting Laminitis

by Elaine Pascoe

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

Shoe for Soundness and Performance

by Elaine Pascoe

Correct trimming and shoeing are essential parts of horse care. Understanding their core principles will help you identify a job well done.

Roadwork: Is it Good or Bad for Your Event Horse?

An equine vet weighs in on the health risks associated with conditioning your event horse on hard roads.

Help Your Horse Handle Hot-Shoeing

A reader asks: How do I ease my horse's fear of hot-shoeing?

Buyer's Guide: Protective Horse Boots

Learn about the different types of protective horse boots and what to look for when buying.

Natural Foot Model: Not Perfect?

by Elaine Pascoe

An Australian study recommends that the hoof used as the model of health for natural hoofcare should be reconsidered.

Laminitis in Horses: Closing In on Better Care

by Elaine Pascoe

The latest in how and why the destructive disease laminitis develops and immediate and long-term treatment options

21 Sport Horse Conformation Questions with John Madden

Show jumping trainer John Madden answers your questions from his conformation evaluation webinar.

What Is "Serviceably Sound"?

You've likely heard the term, but what does it mean? A veterinarian--who's also an event rider--explains.

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