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Looking for some helpful tips to boost your performance in the hunter show ring, perfect that flying change or produce a consistent, solid round at your next show? Maybe you’d like to find ways to improve your horse’s form over jumps or create the perfect hunter braids. Check out these articles specifically for hunter riders, written by some of the top professionals in the industry.

Video: How to Ace Your Hunter Round with Tom Brennan

Top hunter rider and judge Tom Brennan shares some tips for smoother jumping rounds.

Bruno Greber: Building Communication Lines

by Abby Carter

A Swiss Riding Master shows how classical dressage techniques improve hunter/jumper training.

Bernie Traurig: Keep At It Until You're An Artist

by Tricia Conahan

The need to “practice, practice, practice” the American forward riding system is the message from Bernie Traurig’s recent workshop.

Nick Haness: A Triple Threat in the Show Ring

by Elizabeth Iliff Prax

Former equitation star Nick Haness shines in the hunters—and jumpers, too.

How do I keep him still in the lineup?

by Jamie Mann

Problems such as a horse not wanting to stand still in the lineup at the end of a hack class can’t be solved with just one movement or one rein; they require diligence and a better overall awareness of how well you and your horse are communicating.

How do I get my high-headed hunter to be rounder?

by Jamie Mann

Top trainer Jamie Mann shares tips on how to create a nice frame in the hunter ring.

Show-Day Turnout Tips

by Hoffy Hoffman

The manager of a top hunter/jumper barn, who also is a judge and competitor, explains how to make sure you and your horse shine when you step into the show ring.

Cold Harbor's Health-Care Routine

by Elizabeth Iliff Prax

Behind-the-scenes with Tosh Hunt's champion conformation hunter Cold Harbor.

Artist and Author a Favorite of Junior Riders at Midwestern Shows

by Jeannie Blancq

How one artist, author and all-around horse show helper is changing the lives of the next generation of riders.

What Makes a Winning Hunter Round

by Danny Robertshaw

A top hunter judge tells you what he’s looking for and how to achieve it.

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