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Check out this comprehensive guide for preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of lameness issues and injuries to protect your horse.

A Lift For Broken-Leg Recovery

by Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Researchers are working on the development and testing of a unique robotic lift system that would take the place of a traditional sling for horses with severe limb injuries such as a broken leg.

Fighting Laminitis

by Elaine Pascoe

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

Horse Fitness and Injury

by Elaine Pascoe

According to a recent study, monitoring fitness levels could help identify horses most at risk for injury. It’s no secret that eventing ranks...

Horse Boots 101

by Kim F. Miller

Lightweight, cooling qualities and protective powers dominate today’s horse-boot market.

Navicular Options for Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

New research showed how better diagnostic tools and new treatments are changing the navicular picture for horses.

Detecting Horse Joint Damage: Electroarthrography

Electroarthrography uses small electrodes attached to the skin to detect minute variations in electrical signals that are emitted when cartilage bears weight.

Sore Backs and Saddles

by Elaine Pascoe

A recent study discovered a link between poor saddle fit and rider back pain, lameness, saddle slip, asymmetry and rider crookedness.

Joint Supplements for Young Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

Researchers are studying the effects of glucosamine and similar supplements on yearlings to combat degenerative joint disease.

High-Tech Equine Lameness Detection

by Elaine Pascoe

State-of-the-art imaging techniques offer new insights into many equine lameness problems.

Stifle Issues in Sporthorses

by Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Learn more about the stifle, a complex but often overlooked joint, and its most common health issues.

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