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Rider Health

Rider Health

Rider Health

Concerned about your health as much as your horse’s? You should be! Check out fitness tips, tap into your mental skills toolbox for a competitive edge and read training fixes to help your riding improve.

Horses Help Veterans

by Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Research shows that therapeutic riding can bring relief to military veterans suffering from combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder.

Rider Fitness Can Affect Horse Soundness

by Elaine Pascoe

Recent studies show that horses are sounder and move better when their rider is fitter.

Mental Skills: What's in Your Toolbox?

by Tonya Johnston MA

Mental skills coach Tonya Johnston explains that great show days take preparation, inspiration and focus and shares top hunter pro Liza Boyd's personal strategy.

All Head Injuries Aren't Equal

by Kim F. Miller

Multisport research on brain injuries gives riders all the more reason to wear a certified helmet.

Health Update

by Elaine Pascoe

Therapeutic Riding Study

Peter Wylde: A Horseman Through and Through

by Nancy Jaffer

For top show jumper Peter Wylde, success comes from always putting his horses’ well-being first.

6 Ways to Set Goals for Riding Success

by Doug Lietzke

Whether you ride for pleasure or the thrill of competition, setting realistic goals can increase your enjoyment of the time you spend in the saddle.

15 Riding Exercises to Correct Common Leg, Seat and Hand Problems

by Boo Major

Whatever type of riding you do, the more correctly you use your leg, seat and hand aids to communicate with your horse, the better he will perform.

How can I uncurl my ankle and get my heel down?

by Tina Davey

Learn how to strengthen your leg, keep your heel down and prevent a curled ankle when you're riding. Q:...

How Hard Should Eventers Train?

New research is showing that eventers may want to tweak their horse's conditioning routines, based on heart-rate data.

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