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Senior Horse Care

Senior Horse Care

Senior Horse Care

Have a senior horse? His health requirements differ from those of other horses in your barn. Learn more about the changing needs of horses in their golden years and how to provide the best care.

How Much Exercise for a Senior Horse?

by Karyn Malinowski, PhD

A rider wonders how much exercise her senior horse should be getting.

The Retirement Dilemma

by Erin Kimmer

A rider is faced with the tough decision to retire her event horse.

TLC for the Senior Horse: 8 Essential Steps

by Elaine Pascoe

This award-winning article was a top choice by the judges at the American Horse Publications annual awards this year.

How to Keep Weight on a Senior Horse

A reader asks: How do I keep weight on my senior horse?

A New Career for Ex-Grand Prix Show Jumper Glasgow

by Nancy Jaffer

A former grand-prix champion has enjoyed many years in lower-level competition, thanks in part to meticulous attention to his care.

Cushing's Disease Medication Gains Approval for Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

A new FDA-approved medication to treat Cushing's disease (PPID) in horses is now available.

Combat Hock Problems in Horses

by Elaine Pascoe

Wear and tear can break down these critical joints. Here are the latest targeted treatment options to avoid hock problems in horses.

Donate Your Horse

by Kip Goldreyer

If your horse can no longer perform at your competitive level but he's still got a lot to give, the right donation program could be a great destination for him--and a wise choice for you. By Kip Goldreyer for Practical Horseman magazine.

CEO Gets in the Business of Horse Retirement

After leading one of the fastest growing companies in Nashville, Melissa Webb and her husband decided to incorporate those winning business skills into a top-notch horse retirement community. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

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