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How do I pull my horse’s mane?

by Liv Gude

Top equine groom Liv Gude shares her tips for pulling a horse's mane.

All Head Injuries Aren't Equal

by Kim F. Miller

Multisport research on brain injuries gives riders all the more reason to wear a certified helmet.

Three Steps to Tying Your Horse Safely

by Jake Nodar

Teach your horse how to tie safely in these easy steps.

Horse Boots 101

by Kim F. Miller

Lightweight, cooling qualities and protective powers dominate today’s horse-boot market.

Can my girth be too tight?

A too-tight girth could be uncomfortable for your horse and actually limit his performance.

Blanketing a Trace-Clipped Horse

by Max Corcoran

Eventing groom Max Corcoran offers three tips to consider when deciding how to blanket your trace-clipped horse.

Tack Choices Can Affect Your Horse's Performance and Attitude

by Jim Wofford

When it comes to matching the right tack to different horses, says Jim Wofford, there is no one-type-suits-all.

Learn to Weight the Inside Edge of Your Stirrup

by Wendy Murdoch

From an exercise in her book, 40 5-Minute Jumping Fixes, trainer Wendy Murdoch shares how to quickly correct a common problem.

Upper Level Eventer Lara Knight Demonstrates How to Use Soft-Ride Boots and Soft-Ride Ice Spa.

Upper level eventer Lara Knight gives a demonstration on how to fit Soft-Ride Boots and the Soft-Ride Ice Spa to your horse and shares why they're some of her favorite products.

Sore Backs and Saddles

by Elaine Pascoe

A recent study discovered a link between poor saddle fit and rider back pain, lameness, saddle slip, asymmetry and rider crookedness.

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