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Christina “Cricket” Russillo, DVM

Christina “Cricket” Russillo, DVM

Vet On Call Winter 2020

Shivers in Sporthorses

Potential causes and effects of this ill-defined movement disorder


Help Your Horse Recover From Intense Work

Considerations for training, competition, dietary strategy and supportive therapy

Horse X-ray joint

A Closer Look at Joint Health

How to monitor and support your horse’s joints

Senior Horse Vet on Call

Special Considerations for the Senior Performance Horse

How to adapt your horse’s management to better support his age

Vet on Call Preventative Exam

The Value of Preventive Performance Exams

How your horse can benefit from these routine soundness evaluations

Equine Back Pain

Back Pain in the Performance Horse

An overview of clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment options for equine back pain.

DSC_0182 endoscopy (C) D Perin

Exercise Intolerance

Identifying potential causes of a horse’s lack of exercise tolerance and exploring treatment options

Laser Therapy

Shockwave and Laser Therapies

How noninvasive therapies can be used to treat and prevent injuries in your equine partner