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Doug Payne


How to Ride a Jump on a Mound

Five-star eventer Doug Payne shares how to build the skills a horse needs for a “pimple jump” and then walks through how to ride it.

Doug Payne Grid

Doug Payne's Oxers and Angles Jumping Exercise

Eventer Doug Payne shares his favorite footwork and accuracy exercise.


What's In Your Ring? Eventer Doug Payne's Favorite Gymnastic

Looking for a new gymnastic exercise to add to your routine? Top eventer Doug Payne shares one of his favorites to help your horse stay balanced, accurate and careful.

1. I turn to the first fence when I see a straight chute through the center of all three jumps and keep Fernhill Frolic straight and even between my hand and leg aids. | Photos by Amy Katherine Dragoo

Exercise for Better Cross-Country Control

Use your eyes to solve tricky steering questions in an arena before heading out on the cross-country course. By Doug Payne with Melissa Roddy Wright for Practical Horseman magazine.