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Leslie Wylie


Mongol Derby Day 9: Stick a Fork in It

The riders are officially cooked and this year’s race is done. We pay tribute to the heroic final wave of finishers.


Mongol Derby Day 8: Yes She Khan, and Yes She Did!

Prac’s Jocelyn Pierce got sent on the writing assignment of a lifetime and it appears she has survived to tell the tale.

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Mongol Derby Day 7: And We Have a Winner(s)!

Adrian Corboy and Annabel Neasham crossed the line in tandem to claim the 2018 crown, while Prac’s Jocelyn Pierce is on target to finish tomorrow morning.

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Mongol Derby Day 6: Over the River and Through the … Um, This Seems Dangerous

There is no bridge over troubled water, only trouble, for riders in the Mongol Derby. On day 6 Jocelyn Pierce remains unsinkable, while the Aussies cling to a narrow lead.

PK and eagle near HS13 13-8-18

Mongol Derby Day 5: No Rules, Just Right

In this ever-unfolding bloomin’ onion of chaos, a duo of Aussies takes the lead as Devan Horn sits out vet penalties; Prac’s Jocelyn Pierce is … somewhere.


Mongol Derby Days 3-4: Keep Calm and Bugger On

Steeped in chaos and surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, Jocelyn Pierce is still smiling as she reaches the midway point of the Mongol Derby.


Mongol Derby Day 2: Galloping Headlong into the Great Unknown

Jocelyn Pierce is in hot pursuit of the lead pack on the second day of a race that is predicated on unpredictability.


Mongol Derby: The Eagle Has Landed!

A Derby-ready Jocelyn Pierce embarks upon pre-race training in Mongolia’s capital city and heads to start camp on the steppe


Rebecca Farm: American Eventing's Field of Dreams

How a remote Montana crop field grew into a world-class destination event