Liv Gude

Liv Gude Barn Hack 2

10 Barn Hacks

Pro groom Liv Gude shares some of her favorite barn “hacks”—tips and tricks to save money, time and hassle.
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Liv Gude Removing a Cooler 2

Use Coolers Effectively

Learn about different kinds of coolers and when, how and why to use them.
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Liv Gude Taking Horse Temperature Thermometer Clip

Take Your Horse’s Temperature

Pro groom Liv Gude explains how and why to take your horse's temperature, as well as how to desensitize touchy horses.
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How do I pull my horse’s mane? promo image

How to Pull Your Horse's Mane

Top equine groom Liv Gude shares her tips for pulling a horse's mane.
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Barn aisle

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Horse Barn

Here’s a simple eight-step plan for getting your barn, trailer and more in order before you launch into a full schedule of warm-weather equestrian activities.
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Blanket strap fit

How to Prevent Blanket Rubs

Professional groom Liv Gude answers a reader's question on blanket fit and preventing rubs.
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How do I ?select and use a cooler for my horse? promo image

How to Select and Use a Cooler For Your Horse

A professional groom discusses how to properly choose and use a horse cooler to dry your horse and keep him warm.
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