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Sushil Dulai Wenholz

Eventer with Kissing Spines

Competitive Success with Kissing Spines

With the right management, this disorder doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your horse’s performance career.


Essential Facts About Equine Blemishes

These expert insights will help you distinguish harmless blemishes from potential lameness issues.


Tendon Injury FAQs

Two vets give you the inside scoop, from causes and prevention, to treatment, rehab and prognosis.


Diet Does Matter In OCD Development

The latest research has shown that a high-energy diet could increase a foal's chances of developing a developmental joint disease.

Equine Vibration Therapy

Whole-Body Vibration Treatment for Lameness: Does It Work?

A pilot study examines if whole-body vibration therapy is effective for treating chronic lameness.

Equine Tapeworm Diagnostic Test

New DIY Tapeworm Test

A new diagnostic test called EquiSal uses a horse’s saliva to determine tapeworm load.

Music Soothes Horses

Tuning in to Soothe Stressed-Out Horses

Studies have shown that music can help reduce anxiety-related behaviors in horses.


Gut Check: A New View from the Inside

Researchers are trying out the use of endoscopic cameras to help diagnose hindgut problems in horses.


Genetics Play a Role in Sarcoid Tumors

Sarcoids, the most common types of equine tumors, could be linked to genetics.

A Practical Guide to Equine Insurance promo image

A Practical Guide to Equine Insurance

Insights to help you understand and decide if insuring your horse is the right choice for you.

Choose an appropriate dewormer for your horse based on both his age and the type of worms he harbors. | ? Dusty Perin

Combat Equine Parasite Resistance

As internal equine parasites grow defiant in the face of traditional deworming tactics, it may be time to change your battle plan.