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Sushil Dulai Wenholz


Normal Aging or PPID?

Don’t be fooled by the symptoms of this serious hormonal disorder, more commonly known as Cushing’s disease.

veterinarian pre-purchase exam jogging

Pre-Purchase Exam Essentials

Minimize the risk and help protect your investment in a new horse with this powerful buyer's aid.

tie-back surgery laryngoplasty recurrent laryngeal neuropathy toggle

New Toggle Technique Beats Tie-Back Surgery

An innovative way to help horses suffering from recurrent laryngeal neuropathy is proving to be more effective than current surgical techniques.


Proving the Effectiveness of Ice Boots

Neoprene ice boots have been a long-time aid for utilizing cold therapy for performances horses. But how effective is this method? Researchers set out to find answers.

copper nails

Copper May Help Hoof Health

Many farriers have started using copper-coated nails, which seem to have an antibacterial effect on a horse’s hoof wall.

Bell Boot

A Possible Solution for Muscle Imbalance

Recently, a team of scientists set out to discover new ways to improve equine imbalances.


Evolutions in Equine Eye Care

University researchers highlight four innovations that are helping horses maintain healthy eyes and sharp vision.

Quarter Horse3

Genetic Link to Muscle Disease Discovered

Scientists have found a genetic link to the cause of immune-mediated myositis, a muscle disease often seen in Quarter Horses.

Horses Help Veterans promo image

Horses Help Veterans

Research shows that therapeutic riding can bring relief to military veterans suffering from combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder.