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W.F. Young


Ask A Pro Samantha Burton Henley Q3: Protecting a Shiny Coat and Hooves

We asked Sam, how she protects her horse's shiny coats and hoof health when she opts to keep them turned out as much as possible.


Ask a Pro Q #2 with Samantha Burton Henley

We asked featured pro Sam, what her "olympic level" four major tips are when it comes to grooming and horse care, whether you're a local horse show circuit or coast to coast competitor.


Ask a Pro Sam Burton Henley Q1: Horse Care Grooming Tips

We asked our features professional Sam, master groom, instructor and Equine Business Management Training Center program administrator, how she streamlines clipping her horses', how to keep tails untangled, and keeping dusty off your horses' coats.

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Absorbine Ask a Pro: Samantha Burton Henley

We asked our featured professional Samantha Burton Henley, whom is master groom, riding instructor and Program Administrator for Equine Management Training Center - what her grooming and horse health care strategies are. Brought to you from our friends at Absorbine.


Ask A Pro Q3: Supplements for the Body

Supplements and joint health have always been major points of conversation in every equine circle. What's healthy and good for the equine body, and what’s not? We brought this up with our featured veterinarian, Dr. Tracy Turner, who specializes in equine lameness, to hear his professional opinion.


Ask A Pro: Wound Care

Equine veterinarian Dr. Tracy Turner has seen many wounds in his many years of treating high performance sport horses. He shared with us his thoughts on how to go about wound care with an insightful, eco-friendly perspective.

Dr Tracy Turner Absorbine

Ask a Pro Q1: Hoof Care

When sitting down today with Dr Tracy Turner, the topic of hoof care was brought up. Dr. Turner is pretty straight forward when it comes to hoof care and prefers to keep it simple.

Dr Tracy Turner Absorbine

Ask a Pro: Dr. Tracy Turner, DVM

We asked our featured equine veterinarian, Dr. Tracy Turner, what his thoughts were on several popular healthcare topics.

WF Young

Ask a Pro: Hoof Care

Q: Hey Max, what’s one of your “all day, every day” horsemanship core practices?...Horsemanship starts with a solid foundation in care and training. Proper care of a horse’s hooves is especially critical since horses are built from the ground up. The hooves are irreplaceable, and farriers can only work so much magic.

Ask A Pro: Max, WF Young

Ask a Pro: Tack Cleaning Routine

Some of us love it and find it therapeutic to clean our tack to a beautiful luster and suppleness. Some of us think it’s a chore before a show and wish we could “I Dream of Jeannie” it, and poof it’s clean! Regardless of your personality type, taking care of your tack is important for everyone. Max Corcoran, our resident professional and incoming USEA President, let us know what her tack cleaning routine is.


Your Show Ring-Ready Guide

Make a strong first impression with this head-to-tail grooming guide for the show ring. Horse showing is a lot like NASCAR. Pre-competition primping starts the night before so that everyone is ready for the inevitable “hurry up and wait” of race day. Pit crews and drivers furiously work from a “war wagon” stocked with preferred tools and products for fine-tuning months and years of hard work.

Ask A Pro WF Young

Ask a Pro: Showstopping Tail

Hey Max, how do you achieve a showstopping tail?

Max Corcoran: Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro: Max Corcoran

Everyone in the equine world has their own secret sauce for all things horse care related. We asked our featured professional Max Corcoran what her go to strategies are.