Baglidere Fairy Chimneys, Turkey

We continued our trek through with Ahmet through Baglidere Valley in Cappadocia, where there are skyscraper tall fairy chimneys. We gave our horses a break here to have lunch in the shade of a tree. There aren’t a ton of trees in this part of Cappadocia and the sun can be intense in the summer. I was happy to have cold water and lots of Turkish food for our picnic lunch on the trails. We munched on juicy melon, homemade bread stuffed with cheese- a type of Turkish pizza- thin bread topped with cooked lamb, tomatoes and various spices and of course, Turkish tea.

People are so friendly and generous in this part of Turkey. A man who owns a nearby vineyard offered our horses water on the trails. After our horses drank, we rode over to an apricot tree, where we picked sweet apricots from the branches, before continuing our trek.

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