Buzzards Restaurant Calgary

If you visit Calgary, there’s a very unique experience at Buzzard’s Restaurant. Besides the really good food, you can try well-prepared Prairie Oysters, known by some as Rocky Mountain Oysters. It was once a delicacy in Alberta. You might be able to guess where they come from. (They are bull testicles.) If you are one for not letting things go to waste, then prairie oysters might be something you’d like to try.

Chef Aaron saut?s them and then makes a sauce with rum, butter, brown sugar walnuts and serves them atop corn bread with strawberry sauce and strawberries. It’s sort of a dessert style prairie oyster. These were a little too pure for my liking, but the prarie oyster meatballs were pretty ok. I had a good time at Buzzards just hanging out with Chef Aaron, who seeing that I wasn’t eating mass amounts of the prarie oysters, cooked me up BBQ ribs, garlic mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. I filled up on that after the Stampede, and it was tasty!

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