Castle Stuart Golf, Scotland

In Inverness, we have been staying in an apartment right in the center of town, which has been great. I have really felt like a local, being able to walk to different restaurants and explore on foot.
When in Scotland, there are certain things that I feel that I have to try. One is golf. We left our flat for Castle Stuart Golf Course for a golf lesson from Fraser, a former pro, who is helping to build the new course here. The course is not yet open, but will be this spring, so I was getting a golf lesson and a sneak preview.

I grew up in a big U.S. golfing area, Myrtle Beach, and actually did take lessons as a child. I hoped that golfing would be like riding a bike. The golf course is new, but has been built to have an older links golf look. It’s on the water, making the setting dramatic. The road that leads from one hole to the next is neat. It winds through big dunes, so as we drove I was constantly surprised by what appeared around every corner. The course is being designed so that novice golfers can enjoy playing here. It will be a public course.

Fraser gave me a couple of pointers and we played his favorite hole. My first swing did lead my ball into a sand trap, but on the second swing, I got to the putting green. Three more taps and my ball was in the hole! By that point, Scotland’s ever changing weather had shifted once again and I was getting soaked by a cool rain, but had to finish the game. I took a par 5 on a par 3 and had a lot of fun doing it. Fraser was a great coach, making me want to consider golf lessons once I got back home. Perhaps Fraser did choose an easier hole for my lesson, but it gave me the confidence I needed to perhaps get in the game and at least enjoy golfing in Scotland.

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