Claremont Stables in NYC Closes

A New York City institution, Claremont Stables, has closed. I was shocked to hear the news that was reported in the New York Times yesterday. It seems so sudden.

It had been quite a while, since I have ridden in the park. As a resident of the Big Apple and a horse lover, I did venture through the city streets to take a whirl on the bridle paths of Central Park. At Claremont, I was astonished to discover that the horses were housed on different floors, clopping up and down ramps to get from one floor to the next. It was like the horses were in an apartment building, which is so New York! I got to meet Casco and follow Casco and other Claremont horses behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Opera.

Since living in New York for a number of years, I have often remarked how cool it is that you can do anything and find anything in the city. As a rider who travels the world, I have also told countless people that you can literally ride anywhere, even in Central Park! I guess I will now have to amend this statement and leave the majority of riding in the park to the mounted police.

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