Eco-friendly Riding Trips and Tips

Horseback riding is an eco-friendly way to explore a new area your vacation, travels or in your own backyard. Horses can get you to destinations that you can’t get to by any other way but on foot, and they can take you much further, much faster. In Uruguay, we stayed in an wind powered lodge, where they raise grass fed beef and rode horses with gauchos. Camping in Jordan with the Bedouin was another great, eco-friendly way to get to know the culture and beautiful desert environment. We also did a pack trip into Banff National Park, where vehicles aren’t allowed. You know what though, camping can be difficult when you’re bringing film equipment!

Yet just because you’re taking one eco-friendly step by exploring on horseback, doesn’t mean that your work is complete. Below you can check out some of my tips for green travel on horseback and the vacation destinations that strive to explore nature and protect it at the same time.

Whether you’re headed to Costa Rica, Uruguay, Iceland or Jordan, here are some Best Picks for Green Equestrian Vacations.

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Listen to my recommendations for environmnetally friendly equestrian vacations on Horse Radio’s Horse Tip Daily.

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