Equine Affaire Ohio Success

Thank you to everyone who came to see me speak at Ohio Equine Affaire. What a great crowd! I really enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing tips on where to travel and ride. My “Top 10 Places to Ride Before You Die” on Friday was a lot of fun. I did a countdown with video and some behind the scenes video showing how we shoot our Emmy winning equestrian travel series on horseback. I also had a lot of equestrian travelers in the audience. It’s always nice to hear where you’ve been and what you’ve liked.

We also had a booth at the event to promote Equitrekking Travel and Equitrekking, where I was able to hear more about where folks who traveled to Equine Affaire from Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New York, Indiana and beyond want to see us go Equitrekking next. Many of you also got to meet Julie Snyder, Equitrekking Travel’s Award Winning Travel Agent, and hear about her recent trip to ride horses in Costa Rica.

I’ve posted a few videos from the event on Twitter @equitrekking and @darleynewman, including video of some of the horses outside at Ohio Equine Affaire and a video of the miniature horses in the Breed Pavillion. They were jumping, but I didn’t get there in time to film them. Next time…

Learn more about Equitrekking on PBS and the Equitrekking episodes on DVD and learn about exceptional equestrian vacations and horseback riding tours at EquitrekkingTravel.com. Follow Equitrekking on Facebook and @Equitrekking and @DarleyNewman on Twitter.

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