Equitrekking Uruguay Video Promo


We had amazing adventures horseback riding with the gauchos in the small, South American country of Uruguay. Check out a video promo for Equitrekking Uruguay, which broadcasts this Sunday, April 10 on Create TV. We visit Punta del Este, Rocha, and various estancias on eco-friendly adventures. I got to try my skills at working cattle at two estancias and ride through dreamy vineyards. You'll notice that the saddles and tack are a little different in this episode. Look for wide, sheepskin saddles and various shaped stirrups. I actually rode in round stirrups on day, which was totally bizarre. My feet kept slipping, so I opted to change for my next ride. Learn more about Equitrekking's Emmy winning travel TV show at Equitrekking.com and check out equestrian vacations in Uruguay, many of which we created through Equitrekking's sister company EquitrekkingTravel.com based on our travels and filming with the locals.

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