Explore Medieval Carlingford, Ireland Video

Travel to a hidden gem, the medieval town of Carlingford on the Cooley Peninsula with Emmy winning Equitrekking. Join host Darley Newman to explore the castles and ambience of this town, where Equitrekking filmed as part of the Equitrekking Coastal Ireland episode in Equitrekking’s second season. Also visit the Proleek Dolmen, a giant portal tomb known as the “Giant’s Load.”

Travel to see these sights on the Ireland Medieval Village Trek through EquitrekkingTravel.com. Many travelers pair this with an equestrian vacation at Castle Leslie.

Learn more about Equitrekking on PBS and the Equitrekking episodes on DVD and learn about exceptional Ireland equestrian vacations and Ireland horseback riding tours at EquitrekkingTravel.com. Follow Equitrekking on Facebook and @Equitrekking and @DarleyNewman on Twitter.

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