Fort Worth Stockyards and Stock Show

We next went to the Fort Worth Stock Show (FW SSR), reputed to be the oldest stock show in the country. I was interested in seeing the Pony of Americas show, where ponies of all coat colors, including one that looked like a Dalmatian, were shown on a lead line. The little girls who led them were dressed in glitzy Western outfits. The stock show runs all month with lots of animals- cattle, pigs, rabbits, and more. For lots of families, it is a tradition to show their stock at the FW SSR.

Finally, we went down to the old stockyards area to see the daily cattle drive. Twice a day, longhorn cattle are driven through the streets of the stockyards. It’s a good chance for visitors to see the giant horns on these cattle. The horns can grow in a twisty pattern, curve out to each side and their coats hold different colors and patterns as well. Each year, what is the preferred look for these cattle may change, making it hard for the breeders.

I was able to talk with the trail boss a little at lunch at the old Stockyards Hotel, where they make a mean brisket. She has taken those Longhorns through New York City and takes great pride in theses hardy animals and their history. They remind me of the Connemara Pony, being able to subsist off of whatever they can find on the land.

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