Guest Star on Equitrekking – Bayer Animal Health Legend of the Year Award

I’ve just arrived back from filming two new episodes in Botswana, Africa. We had amazing adventures experiencing a variety of horse safaris throughout the country. I’m blogging about it on and posting lots of photos in our photo gallery. I?will be posting photos and updates here as well, so stay tuned.

More exiting news… for the first time ever we’re giving away the chance to star on Equitrekking on TV.

We are working with Bayer Animal Health as part of the Bayer Animal Health Legend of the Year Award. Part of the prize is that the winner gets to star in an Equitrekking episode, filmed on Mackinac Island in Michigan and an all expenses paid trip there. We’ve never given away the chance to ride with us and star on an episode, so it’s a big deal and will be quite a nice DVD memento for whoever wins.

I’ve pasted information below and you can learn more about it at are taken through Oct 15.


It is that time of the year again – time for horse owners to nominate their veterinarians or veterinary technicians for the outstanding work they do above and beyond their every day practice for the 2nd annual Bayer Animal Health?Legend of the Year Award. The veterinarian or veterinary technician chosen will receive $5,000 to be donated to the equine-related charity or cause of their choice. This year, Bayer is adding a new component that will allow horse owners to enter for the chance to win the trip of a lifetime. This year, horse owners who nominate a veterinary professional for the?Legend of the Year Award, will be entered for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip and ride-along with the equine-focused travel show, Equitrekking. There is no purchase to enter and the winner will receive the following grand prize:

  • An all-expenses paid trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan and ride-along with host Darley Newman on the PBS TV show Equitrekking
  • Dinner with Darley and the Equitrekking crew
  • A Charles Owen helmet (a $400 value): the perfect accessory for your TV debut!
  • A DVD memento of your time on the show to share with family and friends

Learn more at

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