Horse Accident in Queens, NY

My New York friends let me know about a terrible accident tonight that happened in Queens, New York. A seven-year-old Quarter Horse named Romeo was killed when he was hit by a taxi cab. His rider, a 13-year-old boy is in serious condition.

There are several things that struck me about this story. I was shocked to hear about the death of a horse in the city. Most people don’t think about riding in the city, but horses have a long history of living and working in cities. There are a variety of stables where people can ride in the New York Metro area, and if you have ever walked around Times Square or Central Park, you may have seen one of the many mounted policemen on patrol. There are many people who have strong feelings about horses living in the city. What are yours?

The story also led me to want to know more about the Federation of Black Cowboys. The particular stable where the boys were riding is owned by the Federation of Black Cowboys, whose mission is to promote the history, culture and legacy of black cowboys, particularly among inner-city youth. It was founded in 1994 by law enforcement officers and professionals. There have been numerous stories on this Federation and the positive impact that their programs with horses have had on urban kids and their city neighborhood.

You can read more about the horse accident and The Federation of Black Cowboys, and more about the Federation of Black Cowboys. In the meantime, today I am thinking about Romeo and hoping that Jerrod, who is recovering in an area hospital, will one day get the chance to ride again.

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