Hunter: Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Forget New Year’s resolutions, I never keep them anyway. This year I’ve decided just to be more thankful for the things in my life. Like the one who turned 30 today, January 1. She might not be the fanciest horse or have a “10” jump, but I’m certain she is the BEST horse I will ever have the pleasure of owning. She never once let me down, never let me fall off, always got me home safely and always made the right decision (especially when I made a bad one, like pulling when I should have kicked). I am grateful that I can return the favor. She’s seen me through losing loved ones, going to college, getting married, two military deployments for my husband and countless bad days. On those sleepless nights, she doesn’t mind a late-night grooming and could have a second career as a counselor. I’m thankful for the ribbons we brought home and remember some of those trips like they were yesterday. What I most thankful for is that she came into my life. I’m lucky to have her, and I’d like to think she feels the same way. Either that or she just loves the endless cookie supply. Happy New Year!

In a warm-up class in record-high heat. If memory serves, she was champion.
I think this about summed up her feelings about wedding photography. I eventually got on her and jumped her while wearing my dress.
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I know I’m breaking the rules, but I just had to snap a quick photo after a bath this summer.
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