Irish National Stud and more photos from Ireland

Today we visited the Irish National Stud, just outside of Kildare. Kildare is sort of the Lexington, Kentucky of Ireland. We drove by a multitude of horse farms, as we headed for the stud, which is also not too far from Dublin.

The stud is open to the public and a lot of American visitors that I met in Ireland had this on their itinerary. I enjoyed observing the foals and then walking by the very pricey stallions. Don’t expect to get up close to these guys.

There is also a museum dedicated to the history of the horse and horse racing. Though small, it was pretty interesting.

And this is where we say good-bye to Ireland and hello to Iceland. We had a wonderful time and met some great horses, as we explored Ireland on horseback. Before we leave, here are some more photos of our trip around the Emerald Isle.

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