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Today we took to the water with Adrian Shine, an expert on Loch Ness. We met him at his Loch Ness Exhibition Center in Drumnadrochit, where our crew learned about the history of Nessie sightings, as well as plausible explanations for these. The Exhibition Center has multiple rooms that show short documentaries on the Loch. These shorts go into the history of Nessie sightings as well as interesting facts about the area’s natural history. The Loch has a warming effect on area weather, possibly causing mirages, which may be what people see when they think they see Nessie.

Out on the water, Adrian explained more about what makes the Loch unique. I was watching the screens inside the boat that read the lakes depth and noticed that the Loch got deep very quickly. The water is cold, dark and deep (over 750 feet deep in some places), the perfect place for a monster to lurk if there was such a thing. In fact, some other interesting creatures lurk in the depths of the water, like arctic char and pure white eels.

After my interview with Adrian, we headed over to Urquhart Castle, a large ruined castle on the shores of Loch Ness and a supposed good place for Nessie sightings.

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