Lochill Riding, Scotland

At Lochhill we are riding with Helen Maxwell, who has nice trekking horses. Helen breeds and trains her own horses, some of whom her daughter uses in competition. Her daughter is a professional rider, so there are a variety of horses suited for show and the trails at the farm. We visited the foals in a nearby field. Of course, they were adorable. Helen keeps her horses out all year, except when she is riding or training them. They have a lot of room to run, which makes for happy horses.

I rode a mixed breed of horse named Drummer Girl, who must have had some cob in her. She was great. It was really foggy in the morning, which made the dirt lanes that we rode along quite mysterious. There are great views of the countryside here, but the mist obstructed these. There have been a lot of misty mornings on our trip, but then again, we are in the British Isles. We rode to a glen that took us along an incline from the bottom of the trees to the treetops and a pretty waterfall. We trotted down country lanes lined with stone fences covered in raspberry vines. The setting here is really serene.

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