Madeleine Pickens Plan- Straight from the Source

This morning, I was able to hear about Madeleine Pickens’ plan straight from the source at a press conference at the New York Union League Club. Mrs. Pickens, a businesswoman and philanthropist and the wife of American financier T. Boone Pickens, is working towards building a sanctuary for the over 33,000 wild horses and burros that are currently in holding facilities by the BLM. Madeleine’s working to buy a million acres where these horses could live out their lives. The ranch would also have an eco-tourism element, so tourists could come to see the horses.

“The foundation is being created to protect and care for the wild horses and to allow citizens from around the world to come to the ranch to see thousands of free roaming wild horses. To achieve these goals, the Foundation will be active in the community promoting eco-tourism, hire within the local area, and be a good neighbor with the adjoining ranches to ensure strong fences are maintained and horses are contained to their own million acre ranch.”

Mrs. Pickens was articulate and passionate as she spoke about this controversial issue. You may read more about the plan and take action on her website, including a FAQ section.

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