Mont Tremblant Skiing

I haven’t been skiing in years. As a child, we used to go every winter, but I definitely did not have confidence in my abilities going out today at Mont Tremblant. So, I took a lesson, and it was like riding a bike. It was great.

Braham, my instructor went through the basics again with me. He picked a nice, easy, long trail. On a normal run, it would have taken us 20 minutes to get down. Filming made it take 1.5 hours. It was fun along the way though and I definitely want to go back to Mont Tremblant for some more skiing.

After the lesson, Braham and I put up our skis and walked over to Le Shack, a place in Mont Tremblant’s colorful village that is known for its poutine. Yes, I tried the poutine, a comfort food dish eaten all over Quebec and even served at McDonalds. It consists of French fries, covered in gravy and cheese curds. The cheese curds initially threw me off. I wasn’t sure that I would like them, but with the gravy and fries, the curds melted a bit and I have to say that I liked the poutine! Now, that doesn’t mean that I could eat the whole heaping bowl of it, but it was good. To add even more to my junk food fix, I tried a beaver tail. This is a fried dough pastry thing covered in the toppings of your choosing. I went for chocolate sauce, icing, and peanut butter M&Ms. Oh yeah!. I guess for me, Mont Tremblant’s village was a little like a trip to an amusement park. Pure gluttony.

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