From Rider To Spectator

Our blogger gets some very disappointing news, but makes the right decision for her horse.

It’s been such a great experience, these last few weeks in anticipation of going to Vegas.

Susan Artes and Zamiro

Zamiro feels wonderful, although we haven’t jumped a single fence since the Thermal $1 Million Grand Prix. That is why it was such a shock when my vet came to do Zamiro’s travel health papers and noticed a very small swelling on his tendon. Teensy-tiny small. But still there. We decided to do a diagnostic ultrasound of the area, even though he wasn’t lame at all.

Sure enough, there was a small abnormality. While it is not causing a problem at the moment, if I take the chance and compete over big jumps, it could become a major injury.

My team and I all agree that it isn’t worth the risk. I’m disappointed and upset, as anyone would be. But not as much as I would be if I pushed it and he was lame during or after the Final. I’m fortunate that we caught it so early that Zamiro most likely will be back in the ring before the end of the show season.

As equestrians, we all know these things happen sometimes, regardless of how well we care for our horses. I’m hoping to qualify again for the Final, as Zamiro hasn’t yet reached his prime. I will be going to Vegas as a spectator, to cheer on my friends and imagine myself jumping those courses. It made me feel better to call my friend, Vinton Karrasch, who is the next one on the qualifying list to go to the Final. My bad luck turning into his good luck is something positive about which I can be happy.

So I’ll see you all in Vegas, where I will be wearing street clothes and continuing to blog—with a special perspective.

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