Rock climbing, Palisades, Quebec

Today, we did some major adventure activities in the rocky Palisades in Charlevoix. We were supposed to go sea kayaking, but the weather was not cooperating for us, so we instead moved to the Palisades to do a combination of trekking, rock climbing and zip lining. Because it is rainy out, it is sort of treacherous to climb around on slippery rocks. The system that they have set up here though makes it safer and they even do these activities in the winter!
Thomas helped us all get on our harnesses and hard hats and taught us how to open the carabineer with one hand (we would need to do this later, so that we could use the other hand to hang on). We would be attached to a series of cables that run up the side of a mountain and climb up to see some gorgeous views.
Tonight we had dinner at the local landmark, the Fairmont in Charlevoix. The food was very good. I tried some of the locally produced cheeses, as well as a sweet strawberry tart. There are some good eats here in Quebec.

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