Virginia Riding and The Radio

This weekend, I ventured down to Northern Virigina to ride with my step-mom, Diane, on her sister Peggy’s farm. I also had my third appearance on Jane DeGrow’s The Travel Queen Show on Michigan Talk Radio. Jane DeGrow is a fellow horse and travel lover, so we always enjoy talking about new places to ride and sharing tips. You can listen to the show online. I’m in hour one, so please tune in.

The weather on Friday was bitter, so instead of riding, we visited with two of Peggy’s pregnant mares, Mirror and Jazz. Mirror is certainly a pregnant prima donna and received lots of treats from us. Peggy breeds Dutch Warmbloods and has a great set up at Night Fall Farms in Warrenton, VA. Their family grew up in the area, so Diane grew up riding horses in Warrenton and showing hunter and jumpers.

Peggy is into dressage, so on Saturday, when Diane and I rode Summer, a ten year-old Dutch Warmblood, and Diablo, a three year-old, I rode in a dressage saddle. I had a little trouble adjusting to it at first, and will remember to bring my saddle next time. Diane took it easy on Diablo, who is almost four, still young, and just starting with some training.

Driving back north through Warrenton, I took it slow, so that I could admire the many horses and horse farms from afar and also cruise through downtown. Granted, I took a few wrong turns on the way back home, but that can be one of the best parts of traveling- discovering something that you never knew was there before.

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