Wales Pub Ride

Today was one of my favorite rides in Wales. Shawn and I went up to the high commons, where there is a huge flat, grassy area that is great for canters and gallops. On the way, we passed some feral Welsh Mountain ponies, which were smaller than those that I had seen in Wales before. There were a few foals and the ponies were not skittish about us riding around them.

We were able to ride our horses into a small nearby town and hit the pub. We parked our horses outside and were able to sit at a table beside them, where we ate toasties and drank cokes. Toasties are what they call toasted sandwiches over here. This pub had the best toasties that I have had on the trip. The ham was warm and the cheese was perfectly melted. We also had chips (welsh speak for American fries)It was the perfect way to end my time in Wales with our horses at the pub!

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