Carleton and Traci Brooks have a lifetime of experience with horses, an extensive teaching and training background and are known for their ability to match horses and riders to produce results.They run their successful hunter/jumper/equitation business, Balmoral Farm, which they operate in two California locations—Malibu and west Los Angeles. This unique setup allows them to provide their horses with plenty of healthy open space while also being accessible to their diverse clientele, which ranges from Short-Stirrup to Adults and high-performance. They shuttle horses back and forth between barns almost daily to be sure everyone enjoys plenty of turnout and trail riding. Carleton and Traci have coached riders and trained horses to a long list of wins, including many Indoors championships and Horse of the Year awards. Carleton is also a popular clinician and a U.S. Equestrian Federation “R” judge.

In this episode, Carleton and Traci discuss a wide range of topics, including the importance of treating horses as individuals, their recipe for consistent success, and what underlies it all—their love of the horse. 

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