Sarah Maslin Nir is a staff reporter for the New York Times and author of the book, Horse Crazy: The Story of a Woman and a World in Love with an Animal, published in August 2020. Sarah describes her book as “a reported look at obsession”—the world’s obsession with horses as well as her own. Through solid reporting, Sarah allows readers to live vicariously through her first-hand exploration into lesser-known corners of the horse world. These include the long-buried legacy of black American cowboys, the adorable but powerful Marwari horse of India and a study of how imported warmbloods are flown across the ocean in a 747. Woven throughout these stories and more are personal anecdotes and reflections of how she fed her horse fix growing up in Manhattan to non-horsey parents. As a Times reporter, Sarah was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize. Before becoming a staff reporter in 2011, she freelanced for the paper, reporting from West Africa, the Alaskan wilderness, post-earthquake Haiti and wildfire-ravaged California. She currently owns three horses and competes in the Adult Amateur Hunter division.

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