Boyd Martin is one of the world’s leading international event riders, and has had competitive success at every five-star across the globe. He has represented the United States at two Olympic Games, three World Equestrian Games and two Pan American Games. Today Boyd and his wife Silva, a Grand Prix dressage rider, own and operate their farm Windurra USA in Cochranville, Pennsylvania.  Boyd competes nearly every weekend, and coaches a long list of successful riders. He has become a sought-after clinician and in the off-season can be found teaching around the United States.

In this episode, Boyd talks about what it was like growing with two Olympians as parents, how he met Silva and why they decided to move their business from Australia to the U.S., how he built his business and how it evolved over the years, training and teaching philosophies, how he juggles fatherhood with riding, how he overcomes adversity and much more. 

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