Top groom Liv Gude spent years in the saddle riding hunters, jumpers, reining and ultimately dressage before she focused on learning all she could as a professional groom. She started her grooming career with Guenter Seidel in California in 2006, caring for his Olympic team bronze-medal partner Aragon.

After grooming for years, Liv saw the need to bring professional grooms and horse owners together in a supportive and educational manner. In 2011, she founded, an online resource that provides information about grooming, employment and horse care. She also has written several articles about stable management forPractical Horseman magazine. 

In this episode, Liv discusses why she loves dressage, how and why she decided to become a professional groom and how she ended up working for Seidel. She also shares what the typical day of a professional groom is like and gives lots of tips on grooming, improving the health of your horse and keeping you both safe.

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